Create an identikit for your child

We all want to keep our children safe, but do you know what to do if they go missing? Here's a quick guide.

Create an identikit for your child
We've all heard warnings that we should keep our little ones safe. But instead of listening to scary stories and getting anxiety attacks, rather take a deep breath, and take these simple steps.
YourParenting spoke to Judy Botes from Missing Children SA, who have compiled a wonderful guide for parents. "It is a reality that children go missing daily in our beautiful country," she says.


"The South African Police Service (SAPS) are investigating the possibility of putting together a proper Identification Kit. The aim is to distribute the kit to all schools, welfare organisations and relevant places free of charge." But this hasn't been released yet, so Missing Children SA has compiled a list of information the police will require when your child goes missing.
Click here to download the whole safety pack (900kb) interim_id_kit.pdf.
To download just the identikit pages, click here: id_kit.pdf and fingerprints_dna.pdf
Judy suggests that you print this document, complete it thoroughly (with info, photo, fingerprints and DNA swabs) and keep it in a safe place.

What to do when your child goes missing

In the event that your child goes missing, follow these steps:
  • Do not wait 24 hours!
  • Complete a SAPS55 form at any Police Station
  • Contact Missing Children SA on 072 647 7464 (072 MISSING)
  • Email or fax information on the missing child, the situation, the case number, the SAPS details and a photo to or 0860 580 3310
  • Keep Missing Children SA posted on any progress.
Missing Children SA will:
  • Distribute flyers with this information to different parties in the relevant province and nationalle (if need be)
  • Keep the family and the SAPS working on the case informed and updated on any relevant information and leads.
To print out these instructions, download the printable PDF here: protocol.pdf
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Should you require any further detail or have any queries, please feel free to contact Missing Children SA on:
072 705 2407 (Cell)
021 950 1546 (Office

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